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How is Asphalt Shingle Roofing Usually Damaged?

Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair

Texarkana, Texas is located within the infamous “Tornado Alley”, as is the surrounding area. Once the storms have passed through this area, homes are often left with the need for asphalt shingle roof repairs or replacement. As a homeowner, how do you know if the roof on your home needs repairs?

How do you know your roof needs repairs?

Some common indications of storm damage that creates the need for asphalt shingle roof repairs include: 

1. Missing Asphalt Shingles

The high winds that blow storms into this area are created by the winds within the tornados that frequently tear shingles off the roof.  This is increased if the existing shingles are old or worn. Professional asphalt shingle roof repairs are recommended to prevent any further damage and leaks.

2. Damaged Asphalt Shingles

Shingles are damaged by the hailstones that come with the storms can damage the shingles. Left unaddressed, this can lead to roof leaks. This type of damage isn’t always visible from the ground, so it is best to have a professional roofing contractor inspect the roof. They know what to look for caused by hailstones and will advise if you need asphalt shingle roof repairs are needed. 

3. Asphalt Granule Debris

When you’re finding asphalt shingle granules in the gutter runs and on the ground, this is a good indication your roof should be inspected by a roofing contractor.  This happens when hard rains and hailstones plummet the rooftop, knocking the granules off and from the UV rays beating down on the roof every day.  A roofing contractor can inspect the roof and advise if asphalt shingle roof repairs or replacement is needed. 

4. Damaged Fascia, Soffit, Gutter, Flashing

When you see damage to the fascia, soffit, gutters, and flashing, it is a high possibility that your roof needs asphalt shingle roof repairs or replacement, When they’re showing signs of damage, the roof has taken the same type of abuse from the elements too. 

5. Tree and Debris Damage

A major storm comes through Tornado Alley, it can break trees, even uproot trees, and send assorted debris flying through the air. These things tend to land on cars and rooftops, leaving damage. A roofing contractor can assess the damage and recommend what type of asphalt shingle roof repairs are needed or if a full roof replacement is the better option. 

6. The Chimney

The high winds associated with major storms can loosen or pull the flashing off around the chimney, leading to water leaking around the chimney. This weakens the chimney’s stability, causing it to lean. A professional roofing contractor can inspect the chimney along with the roof and advise what level of asphalt shingles roof repairs are needed. 

7. Attic or Ceiling Leaks

When the rain is pouring through the ceiling, it is apparent your home needs asphalt shingle roof repairs and possible replacement. Even if the rain isn’t pouring through, there can be indications of the roof damage in the attic by signs of moisture, mildew, mold, and wood rot. 

8. Ice Dams

This is more common in areas with a lot of snow, but it happens in the Texarkana, Texas area too. Ice dams form during the winter when the ice and snow melt then refreeze at the eaves when the temperatures drop. This routine repeats over and over, building an ice dam. When left unaddressed, this can pull the gutters off, letting melted ice and snow seep under the shingles, causing roof leaks and extensive asphalt shingle roof repairs.

Can asphalt shingles be repaired?

If there are just a few asphalt shingles that are bent or cracked, they can be repaired on the roof with a waterproof sealant.  Carefully lift the corner of the single and spread the sealant on the underside, then put it back in place. Now spread the sealant over the top of the crack and allow this to sit for 24 hours to cure and dry. This is an easy asphalt shingle roof repair job that can be done by the homeowner if you’re able to get on the roof safely. 

Can you replace just a few shingles?

If less than 25% of the roof surface is damaged, yes, asphalt shingle roof repair or replacing just a few damaged shingles is possible. It is important to keep in mind that the replacement shingles are going to have a different color than the existing shingles and they won’t match.  If this isn’t in a visible area of the roof, it may not be an issue regarding the exterior aesthetics of your home. 

Up On The Rooftop

Having your roof inspected after any significant weather event is recommended, even if you don’t see any obvious asphalt shingle roof repair needs. A professional roofing contractor has the experience to know what to look for in the way or damaged shingles and other components of the roof.

How Do You Clean a Commercial Roof?

roof washing

Commercial Roof Cleaning

Think about how dirty the roof on your home gets and multiply that by 100s, even 1000s of square footage for a commercial roof. Washing the surface of a commercial roof is just as important as keeping your residential roof clean. For the owner of the commercial structure, it can be extremely important because cleaning rooftops is crucial and too often overlooked.

What is commercial roof washing? 

Commercial roof cleaning is the process of removing algae, debris, trash, and other types of growth from the roof surface. Some commercial roofing materials can be cleaned by power washing, other roofing materials require chemical treatment.

How important is commercial roof washing? 

A commercial roof is exposed to all types of weather elements. From hail and high winds, ice, rain, sleet, snow, and daily exposure to the sun. For that reason along, commercial roof washing is important. Other reasons you should schedule this service on a routine schedule include: 

  • Performance Improved

To get the full benefit of energy efficiency and lifespan from a commercial roof, washing it is a must.  A clean roof helps to maintain a lower temperature on the roof surface, which protects the roof membrane and reduces energy consumption by keeping the building cool. 

  • Moisture Eliminated

Moisture is the number one enemy of a commercial roof. Washing it on a regular schedule keeps the unwanted debris, leaves, limbs and other materials that can keep water from draining. This leads to blistering, ponding, and splitting of the membrane which can cause a metal roof to corrode and ruse. 

  • Fire Hazard Minimized 

In any area where wildfires are commonplace, or a structure that houses or manufacturers combustibles materials, commercial roof washing will keep fire potential minimized. 

  • Roof Damage Exposed 

Along with monthly inspections of a commercial roof, washing it routinely can help find any damage that should be repaired before it becomes severe damage. 

  • Health Protection

Algae and mold on a commercial roof aren’t just ugly, but it creates a health hazard too. These substances get drawn into the HVAC systems and the bacteria blow throughout the building. This can lead to a high rate of employee sick days. Commercial roof washing keeps algae and mold minimized, making your building healthy, and your employees healthy.

  • Building Code

Commercial structures that house a food-related industry are required in many cities to have a commercial roof washing every 6 months. 

  • Aesthetics

Commercial roof washing will help your building make a great first impression on customers and vendors.  

If your building was pre-occupied before you, getting a thorough commercial roof washing will remove the years of algae, dirt, grime, mold, pollution, and more. These things on your roof will leave it looking undesirable and you may have issues there you didn’t know about. The good thing about commercial roof cleaning, once you have the process, stay on schedule and it will get faster each time. 

What kind of chemicals are materials are used to commercial roof cleaning? 

There is a variety of chemicals for commercial roof cleaning. This includes bleach, calcium chloride, potassium hydroxide, and percarbonate cleaners. Sodium hydroxide or sodium hypochlorite 3 are popular choices too. With the right product based on the roofing materials, a water hose and a push broom, commercial roof washing is a fairly easy task, but time-consuming when done correctly. 

Is commercial roof washing safe for the environment?

A proper commercial roof structure will have a drainage system, keeping the flush off the landscape, parking lots, and streets. Reading the labeling on any product used will give you direction as to what is environmentally safe and will be effective for commercial roof washing. 

commercial roof washing

How often should a commercial roof be washed?

An annual commercial roof washing is recommended. As we mentioned earlier, this allows any issues to be noticed and repaired before they become a bigger problem. 

How much does commercial roof washing cost? 

The cost of a commercial roof washing will depend on the square footage and the type of roofing material that is in place. If the drains need to be cleared or any repairs made, that can increase the cost. 

At The End Of The Day and On The Rooftop – Does It Really Matter? 

Yes, commercial roof cleaning is important for the reasons we’ve listed in this piece. Your building is an investment, and the roof protects that investment. Having the roof in the best possible condition is essential in protecting your investment. 

Remember, a clean and healthy commercial structure includes that commercial roof cleaning, creating a good reputation for your company. If your structure looks clean, it will lead to the interior being clean and well-kept too. 

While your own maintenance crew may be able to do a commercial roof cleaning, it is recommended to have it done professionally. A professional will know what issues to spot that could be problems later whereas your maintenance crew may not realize there is an issue.

Clean your roof with commercial roof washing in Texarkana, TX. Contact our Lafferty Roofing & Construction team at 903-824-9871 to get started.

What Constitutes a Roof Emergency?

A Tree Has Fallen on a Roof.

What constitutes a roof emergency?

Your home’s roof is meant to protect you and your family. So, anytime your family’s or home’s safety is at stake because of roof damage, you have a roofing emergency. Something like a tree falling on your roof might cause a crisis, at other times it could be a large leak or damage caused by a storm that requires emergency roof repair.

Whatever the issue, when you need a reliable roofer for emergency roof repair in Texarkana, TX, you can always count on Lafferty Roofing & Construction. We are trusted for our professionalism. To get scheduled for repair services all you need to do is call 903-824-9871.

Is a leaking roof an emergency?

Generally, no matter whether a roof leak is large or small, you should consider it an emergency. If you take care of a roof leak as soon as possible, it will save you money and often prevent you from having to replace the roof prematurely.

If you’re unsure whether or not you have a roof leak, look for these signs:

  • Discolored or dripping ceilings
  • Puddles forming on the floor
  • Moisture build-up and paint peeling from the walls
  • Extensive exterior damage to the roof

How do you handle an emergency roof repair?

Getting a roof repair taken care of quickly is vital in any emergency situation. But, immediate repairs may not be possible, especially when an event such as a storm that caused the damage has not cleared up enough to get to the repair.

In such a case, one of the best temporary repairs to make is placing a tarp over the damaged area. This can stop rain from seeping in, for instance, and causing further damage. But, getting a tarp on your roof isn’t always an easy task. If you elect to do it yourself, always keep safety in mind. Also, make sure the tarp you use is large enough to fit entirely over the damaged area.

Of course, it’s often best to let professionals like those at Lafferty Roofing & Construction help you with any roof repair you might need, including tarping the roof until repairs can be completed.

Before professionals arrive, you also want to reach out to your insurance agent to report the damage and file an insurance claim.

Can you live in a house during a roof repair?

A roof repair or replacement can be disruptive to your life. Roof repairs are usually noisy and when it’s underway can be messy, especially with the initial tear-off. For these reasons, roofing contractors often ask homeowners to vacate the premises while the work is being done.

Of course, you can elect to stay when the roof is being repaired or replaced as it is generally safe to do so. However, you want to be careful and not step outside during the tear-off, as installers might not see you as they remove debris from the roof and you could accidentally get hit.

In an emergency situation where damage is significant, it’s probably best to stay away from the home until repairs are completed because it might not be safe.

What is considered storm damage to a roof?

Storm damage is the most common emergency roof repair that roofing contractors make. The damage can vary depending on the severity of the weather. Hail and high winds, however, usually create the most visible damage. With hail, you’ll often see spots on asphalt shingles where granules are missing. Both hail and high winds can crack shingles or tile and high winds can lift away whole sections of the roof.

Leaks are also frequently caused by storms and leak repairs should be made as promptly as possible. When they are left alone, leaks can lead to problems like mold growth or rot, or rust on metal roofs. They can also cause interior damage, including damage to ceilings and walls.

Can you repair just a section of a roof?

When roofs get damaged or show signs of normal wear and tear, homeowners often worry about the expense of roof replacement. But, often you can rest easy and avoid replacing the entire roof and just get the damaged section repaired. When does this happen?

Below are some reasons a repair is preferred over replacement:

  • Localized leaks: Leaks around vents or flashing usually require just a small repair.
  • Missing shingles: Depending on the age of your roof, if just a small section of shingles is missing, only that section needs to be replaced.
  • Nail hole pops: If nails are missing or have popped up from the shingles, this usually involves a simple repair.

Emergency roof repair in the rain

When it’s raining, your roof can be a dangerous part of your home. Wet roofs are slick and it’s generally unsafe to walk on them. Even when you need emergency repairs, it’s usually best to wait until the rain has passed to make the roof repair. This, of course, depends on how serious the damage is. Leaks, for instance, need to be taken care of as soon as possible but even then, it’s best to get professionals out to place a tarp over the damaged area and wait until the rain passes and it’s safe to work on the roof.

Roof repair vs replacement

Deciding whether to repair or replace your roof when it’s been damaged will depend on the type of damage incurred and the extent of the damage. As a rule of thumb, if more than 30% of the roof is damaged, the roof should be replaced.

Your roof’s age will also factor into the assessment. A roof that’s less than 15 years old and in otherwise good condition usually can be repaired. Older roofs often show normal signs of wear and tear like missing granules and it’s usually best to replace them when damaged.

Emergency roof repair near me

Have storms struck your roof? If your roof is damaged and you need emergency roof repair in Texarkana, TX, you’ll want an experienced team that can act promptly. You’ll find that kind of high-quality with Lafferty Roofing & Construction. We are available 24/7 to help you with your roofing emergencies. You don’t need to hesitate. Just call 903-824-9871 to get on our schedule and we’ll get a crew out as soon as possible.

Lightning Strikes a Roof.

Asphalt Shingle Benefits

Roofers Work on an Asphalt Shingle Roof.

Asphalt Shingle Benefits

Asphalt shingles are some of the most popular roofing materials used for homes, apartment complexes, and other residences. That’s because of its many benefits. For one, shingles are some of the most affordable roofing materials on the market today. Moreover, shingles are effective. They hold up well against the elements and keep you and your family safe and dry. Other benefits include:

  • Offer a traditional look
  • Available in a variety styles and colors
  • Easy to install
  • Damaged single shingles can be replaced individually

From repair to replacement, when you need asphalt shingles in Texarkana, TX, turn to the trusted professionals at Lafferty Roofing & Construction. Call today at 903-824-9871 and we’ll answer all your questions and schedule an inspection.

What are the three types of asphalt shingles?

Typically, asphalt or composite shingles come in three types:

  • 3-tab or strip shingles: These are the most basic types of shingles made from a single layer of asphalt and are normally flat
  • Dimensional or architectural shingles: Also known as laminate shingles, these are the most prevalent used in residential construction today. They usually consist of two or more layers of asphalt and offer more protection than 3-tab shingles. They often have greater warranty protection.
  • Luxury shingles: These are the highest-quality shingles available and tend to be shaped like wood shake or slate shingles.

Each of these types of shingles can be designed to be impact-resistant. This type of design improves the shingle’s ability to withstand the impact of hail and high winds.

How long do asphalt shingles last?

While asphalt shingle roofing is easy to install and cost-effective, standard 3-tab shingles don’t typically hold up as long as other types of roofing like metal. Depending on how well-maintained they are, they will last between 15-30 years.

Architectural-style shingles usually have a longer lifespan–about 25-30 years. They are much more durable than 3-tab shingles because of the density of the asphalt.

What are 2 disadvantages of asphalt shingles?

Although asphalt shingles are common to residential roofing and have multiple benefits, they also have disadvantages. Two main disadvantages of asphalt shingles are:

  • Short lifespan: Even with care and upkeep, shingles don’t last as long as other residential roofing materials like metal. Metal roofs, for instance, can last 50 years or more, while tile roofs can last almost twice as long as that.
  • Easily damaged by high winds and hail: While all roofs are vulnerable to damage from storms, shingles frequently get damaged by hail and high winds. Hailstones can puncture shingles while high winds can completely strip roofs off homes. However, if you choose specially designed impact-resistant shingles, your roof will be much more protected from hail and high winds.

How often should shingles be replaced?

Given that most asphalt shingle roofs last anywhere between 15 to 30 years at best, you’ll probably find yourself replacing your roof as it ages. Unfortunately, people often neglect upkeep on their roofs until a problem like a leak occurs, and this neglect can shorten your roof’s life by several years. Regular maintenance, beginning with inspections, will help extend your roof’s lifespan. Problems to look for that could lead to a roof replacement:

  • Cracked, loose or missing shingles
  • Roof sags
  • Mold or rot
  • Water damage or leaks
  • Dark spots or holes

Which month is best to replace your roof?

While no particular month stands out as best for replacing your roof, the fall is usually the best time to have it done. In part, this is due to the weather. The cooler weather from September to November makes it easier for roof installers to work and milder weather and generally less rain allow them to work with fewer interruptions. This means, your roof is completed in less time. Of course, because this time of year is so popular with people needing their roofs replaced, it also becomes a busy time for roofers–so the earlier you get on the schedule, the sooner work can begin. No matter when you need to get your roof replaced, it’s best to plan ahead one to two months.

Do I need to remove old shingles before installing new shingles?

Although it might seem convenient and might be less expensive, it’s generally best not to install new shingles over the old ones. Doing this can create all kinds of problems for your roof and home.

Generally, new shingles need to go on a flat surface. Layering them over old shingles make them fit less securely on your roof. This in turn causes them to be more vulnerable to weather damage and leaks. It also makes roof inspections more difficult and less accurate.

A new layer of shingles also increases weight strain, which can cause problems, including roof collapse, especially in areas that receive a lot of snow.

More often than not, layering shingles will cause your warranties to be voided. Moreover, in most areas putting new roofs over old ones violates building codes and it’s unlikely your roofing contractor will be able to get a permit to replace the roof.

Will the roof leak with one shingle missing?

If you’ve noticed a shingle missing from your roof, you might be worried this will cause a roof leak. It’s a legitimate concern. A single missing shingle might or might not lead to a leak, at least not immediately. But, over time, as with most roof damage, even a single missing shingle can cause trouble, especially if your roof is older.

Generally, any roof damage left unchecked will lead to serious issues like leaks in time. And, leaks lead to issues with mold, mildew and rot, and could very well lead to damage to your attic, crawlspace, insulation or ceilings. Taking care of small repairs sooner rather than later saves you money.

Asphalt shingles near me

Your roof is essential to your home and taking care of it keeps you and your family safe and saves you money in the long term. Since many homes rely on asphalt shingles, you want to make sure you have a reliable roofer on your side when you need repairs or need a new roof. You’ll find that at Lafferty Roofing & Construction. For professional asphalt shingle repair or replacement in Texarkana, TX, call 903-824-9871 to set up an appointment.

Asphalt Shingle Replacement

Are Foam Roofs Any Good?

Roofer Sprays Foam Roofing.

Foam For Roofing

Facility managers face huge decisions every day on a business’s upkeep. Of major concern is the roof, especially as it ages or when it suffers damage. Will you opt to go to the expense of a new roof? Or is there a better way, one that will save money?

If you’re looking to save your roof as well as money, several options are available. You could get a roof coating applied or for even greater protection, you could elect to have commercial foam roofing installed. You’ll add years to your roof, increase UV protection, seal off leaks, and improve overall energy efficiency. Want to learn more about foam roofing in Texarkana, TX? Give Lafferty Roofing & Construction a call at 903-824-9871.

Are foam roofs any good?

Foam roofs provide many advantages, among which is the ease of installation. Foam roofing requires no tear-off of old roofing materials. It is easily sprayed over the current roof and can be sprayed on almost all roofing materials.

Other advantages of foam include:

  • Energy efficiency: The material provides better insulation for the building, especially keeping out the heat in the summer by reducing heat absorption. This will reduce energy costs.
  • Easily maintained: Outside of a semi-annual inspection for any problems, very little maintenance is needed. Usually, maintenance means recoating the foam with a top layer of roof coating.
  • Seamless: Spray foam eliminates the roof’s vulnerability to leaking by sealing up seams and other areas where leaks most often occur.
  • Environmentally friendly: Foam generates little waste when applied. Little to no roofing material is removed when the foam is installed.

What are the disadvantages of a foam roof?

Like all roofing materials, foam roofing does have its disadvantages. One of the big disadvantages is poor installation. If the material is poorly applied all of its advantages such as extending the roof lifespan become detrimental to the roof. Poor installation can be avoided if you choose a contractor with high professional standards like those at Lafferty Roofing & Construction.

Spray foam roofing also must be applied when it’s at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Like many other roofing materials, it can’t be installed when it’s icy or when there is visible moisture on the roof. You also have to take a great deal of care to make sure property like cars in parking lots is covered or otherwise protected as winds can cause the foam to overspray.

What does a foam roof look like?

Because foam roofing is made from polyurethane, it’s typically white, which is advantageous because the color and material help reduce heat absorption on the roof. Once it’s sprayed on the roof, the material expands into a seamless covering that’s about one- to two inches thick. After the foam is sprayed on, an elastomeric coating like silicone or acrylic is sprayed over it for additional protection. Although these coatings come in a variety of colors, it’s usually best to choose a lighter coating to get the full effect of heat absorption.

How long does a foam roof last?

With proper maintenance, foam can last 50 years or more, although most warranty terms are set at 20 years.

Can you recoat a foam roof?

One thing that makes spray foam coating such a good option is that it can be recoated with an elastomeric coating like acrylic or silicone at any time. This type of roofing material can last a long time though we recommend recoating it before the warranty term–usually 20 years–expires. Before you have your roof recoated, make sure to have it inspected for any areas that might be damaged or wet or have leaks. If any repairs need to be made, they need to be made before a new coat can be added. Moreover, there’s almost no limit as to how often a roof can be recoated.

Can you put a foam roof over shingles?

Spray foam can go over almost any type of roofing material, including shingles. Before applying the foam over the shingles, you want to inspect the roof and determine the condition of the shingles. If you notice shingles that are curled or degraded so much that nails are showing, foam won’t help. In this case, the shingle roof needs to be torn off and a new roof needs to be installed.

But, for shingles that are in good shape, then spray foam can be added as it would over other types of roofing systems. If the shingles are in good shape, but you have leaks, foam is a great option to seal up leaks. Once the foam and roof coating is added, leaks will be sealed and it’s less likely your roof will develop leaks in the future. You’ll also benefit from better energy efficiency.

Foam roofing for mobile homes

Foam roofing is actually a good option for a mobile or manufactured home. That’s because these roofs are often flat roofs and will experience problems like ponding common to flat roofs on commercial buildings. Foam for mobile homes will help alleviate such problems and prevent issues like leaks from occurring just as it would on a commercial roof. A foam application can also extend a mobile home’s roof life, which can save homeowners from expensive repairs or a total replacement.

Foam roofing near me

Looking for commercial foam roofing in Texarkana, TX? Let the team at Lafferty Roofing & Construction help you out. We’ll expertly install high-quality materials at an affordable price.

You’ll see an almost immediate benefit from spray foam roofing. Applying a foam roof is a viable option to total roof replacement, so you’ll save money. Also, it’s a durable roofing material that can last up to 50 years. It can also be recoated frequently to extend your roof’s life for years to come. It’s seamless, so you’ll have fewer problems with leaks, and it’ll help keep your roof cool and save you on utility expenses. So there’s no need to wait. Give us a call at 903-824-9871 and we’ll answer your questions and set up an appointment for an inspection.

A Recently Sprayed Foam Roof.