Roof Restoration in Texarkana

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‘Liquid’ Roofing Option

As a commercial roofer, Lafferty Roofing & Construction likes to provide as many options as possible to our customers. We also know that replacing a commercial building’s roof can be both highly disruptive to business operations and cost prohibitive. But, what do you do if you’re roof is already aged, leaking, or otherwise damaged? Replacing the roof might look like the only option. It isn’t. Many businesses opt for roof restoration or “liquid” roofing.

Roof restoration involves applying a layer of reflective roof coating over the current roof. This elastomeric coating, whether silicone or acrylic, provides protection from UV radiation, improves energy efficiency and seals off leaks. Better yet, there’s no need to tear off the current roofing system. With restoration, all you need to do is make any necessary repairs and then have the coating applied—a simple, cost-effective solution.

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A Roof Replacement Alternative

Depending on the age and condition of your roof, you may want to opt for roof restoration in the Texarkana area as an alternative to roof replacement. If you are interested in roof restoration, give us a call and we will inspect your roof to find out your roof’s condition. With the details gathered about your roof from this inspection, we can recommend any repairs needed or if it needs replacement or is suitable for a roof restoration. Usually, only in the direst situations will a replacement be needed. Almost all existing roofs can be restored rather than replaced. Roof restoration saves money while giving you all the benefits of a full roof replacement.

Moreover, as a low-cost alternative to roof replacement, applying an elastomeric coating can add 10 or more years to your roof’s life. The coating can then be reapplied for continued protection. It sustains and stabilizes the old roof. With a roof restoration, instead of removing the current roof and adding a new one, the existing roof stays on and a protective coating is applied. The only preparation needed for roof restoration in the Texarkana area is to make any necessary repairs before the coating is applied.  

Roof coatings are also environmentally friendly. This is because there will be little to no roofing material to dispose of. Thus, less waste will head to landfills. You may also receive tax credits for adding environmentally friendly materials. Receiving these tax credits will depend on your location. Additionally, tax credits are often awarded because restoration falls under maintenance as a business expense.

Moreover, adding a coating can make your roof safer. If your roof is failing, it can be potentially unsafe. Even small leaks can prove problematic as moisture builds up over time and leads to mold growth. Mold growth can lead to serious health problems for you and your employees.

In addition, moisture buildup also leads to rot in wooden structures, which, in turn, leads to a building that is structurally unsound. This can be dangerous for you, your employees, and your customers.

Besides providing protection, roof coatings are highly reflective and improve energy efficiency. Improved energy efficiency helps lower energy bills because less energy is consumed by heating and cooling systems. These cool roof coatings reduce the roof’s surface temperature and the amount of heat transferred to the building. That puts less strain on the heating and cooling systems.

Once the coating is applied, your roof will be able to weather the elements better. Not only will the coating seal up any areas already damaged by the weather, but your roof will also be protected from issues like ponding water, which eventually can cause leaks, mold growth, or rot.

Types of Roof Coating

  • Elastomeric roof coating: High elasticity allows elastomeric coatings to “breathe,” expanding and contracting as the roof heats and cools. This helps protect the roof from leaks and can be applied to almost any type of roofing system.
  • Acrylic roof coating: Acts as a protective barrier against UV radiation and protects it from wear and tear. They also provide a seamless barrier against leaks.
  • Silicone roof coating: Provides protection from UV radiation as well as prevents water from pooling on flat roofs. They can also improve energy efficiency by as much as 35%.

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