Concrete Tile Roof Installation

Roofers Work on Concrete Tiles

Durable Roofing Solution

When homeowners choose tile roofing, one of the most common choices they make is either Spanish or concrete tiles. Concrete tiles make for a versatile and durable roofing material. They are also affordable.

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Why Choose Concrete Tiles?

Concrete tiles are a versatile roofing material and can be shaped to resemble other types of roofing including clay tiles, wood, or even slate or stone. This versatility gives customers several options when they are replacing or installing a concrete tile roof in the Texarkana area.

Like other tile roofs, you can expect your concrete tile roof to last 50 years or more before it needs replacing. Concrete tiles also resist hail, wind and fire damage, and the interlocking ribs connecting them together feature water locks that keep water from seeping in.

There are three distinct styles for you to choose from

  • Flat profile: This style has no curves
  • Low profile: This style has small curves
  • High profile: This style has large curves.

You can also choose between textured or smooth surfaces. These tiles can hold up to almost any climate but are especially valued in hotter climates.

Repair Options

Although durable like other tile roofs, concrete tiles may need repairs over time, especially to avoid damage from water absorption. Without proper maintenance, the water absorption could bring about mold and mildew.

Any concrete roof tile repair in the Texarkana area should be done promptly. Avoiding regular maintenance and repairs could cause more expensive damage later on and might lead to a shorter life for your roof.

If you think your concrete tiles may need repair in the Texarkana area, contact us and one of our licensed inspectors can assess your roof’s condition.

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