Silicone Roof Coatings

Worker Applies Silicone Coating

Roof Restoration Option

When you are looking into options for roof restoration, one track many facility managers take is adding a silicone coating application. This is a cost-effective way of extending your roof’s life while giving it added protection from leaks, as well as enhancing energy efficiency.

If you are looking for an experienced local commercial contractor for silicone roof coating in the Texarkana area, you need to look no further than Lafferty Roofing & Construction. Get a quote from us or schedule a service appointment by calling 903-824-9871.

Benefits of Silicone Roofing

Facility managers often find themselves facing this dilemma: the warranty on their roof is about to go out but the roof is in otherwise good condition. A full roof replacement in this case would be a waste of money and time. If this is the case for your roof, an alternative course is a silicone coating application, and the professionals to turn to for silicone roof coatings in the Texarkana area are those at Lafferty Roofing & Construction.

Besides saving you money, silicone coatings can benefit you in these ways:

  • Extends longevity: When applied over your current roof, silicone will lengthen your roof’s life by 10 years or more, and you won’t have to budget the expense of a full roof replacement. In fact, like other elastomeric coatings, silicone coatings are very cost-effective, and even more so with our pricing. Better yet, after about 10-15 years you can reapply the coating and continue to reap the benefits for a long time thereafter.
  • Leak protection: Because they form a protective seal over your roof, you won’t have to worry about leaks.
  • Energy efficiency: Reflective coatings like silicone reduce heat on your roof, which in turn, lowers the strain on your HVAC system and improves energy efficiency.

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If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to roof replacement, a silicone coating application may be the best solution for you. For the best silicone roof coatings in the Texarkana area, look to the professionals at Lafferty Roofing & Construction. We offer a full range of commercial roofing solutions. Get a quote from us or book a service appointment by calling 903-824-9871 today.