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Full-Service Roofing Contractor

From repairing shingles on your home to installing single-ply roofs on your business, if you’re looking for a full-service roofer in the Four States area, you can always count on Lafferty Roofing & Construction. We offer a wide range of roofing services, including emergency roof repairs. We always put our customers first and make quality workmanship a priority. No matter the size of the job, we’re ready to help you with your roofing project. Schedule a service appointment with us by calling 903-824-9871.

Quality Services We Provide

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Commercial Roofing Specialist

As a roofer in the Texarkana area, you can count on us for all your roofing needs, but we’ve made commercial roofing a specialty. For instance, if you’re a facility manager looking to extend your roof’s lifespan, we offer a full range of elastomeric coatings. Or you may opt to install single-ply roofing systems like PVC, TPO or EPDM. Looking to keep your roof free of harmful dirt and debris? We can wash your roof as well. Whatever you need, our crews will take care of you. Find out all that we can do by calling 903-824-9871.

Our Process

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    Contact us and schedule an inspection.

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    We evaluate and repair or replace your roof.

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    Rest easy knowing your house or business is protected. 

Foam Roof Application

Foam Roofing Experts

One of the best ways building managers can prevent roof leaks is by applying foam roofing over their current roofing system. Spray foam forms a seamless barrier over your roof, sealing off any leaks that are present and preventing new leaks from occurring. Moreover, a foam roof can extend your roof’s lifespan by 10 or more years. Foam roofing also reflects the sun’s rays, reducing heat on your roof and improving your building’s energy efficiency by lowering the strain on your heating and cooling system. So, protect your roof today and save money year-round with a foam roof application and call 903-824-9871.

Asphalt Shingle Repair

Most homes today still rely on asphalt shingles for their roofs. When those shingles are damaged by storms, hail, or other events, you want to get them repaired as soon as possible to avoid serious problems like leaks. Letting roof damage go unchecked can lead to costly repairs or even premature roof replacement later on. For fast, effective asphalt shingle repair in the Texarkana area, you’ll want a reliable and professional roofer. You can always count on the team at Lafferty Roofing & Construction. Set up an appointment with us by calling 903-824-9871.

A Roofer Repairs Asphalt Shingles.