TPO Roofing

Overhead Shot of TPO Roofing

Leading Roofing System

As a single-ply roofing system, TPO roofs have surged in popularity as a leading system for commercial roofs. TPO roof installations in the Texarkana area have gained traction because they are reliable, durable, highly damage resistant and hold up well against severe weather. Additionally, they give building a sleek modern look, and their advanced reflectivity saves businesses money over the long term in energy costs.

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How You Benefit From TPO

As many facility managers know, flat roofing systems aren’t always the most energy-efficient roofing available. Heat transfer isn’t always of the highest quality, but if you choose TPO roofing in the Texarkana area, you’ll see a definite improvement in energy efficiency. These single-ply cool roofing systems are especially beneficial in warmer climates like Texas. They’ll put less strain on your cooling systems, and that will save you money in the long term. To benefit from a money-saving TPO roof replacement or installation, you’ll want a skilled crew to help you. Lafferty Roofing & Construction’s are handpicked for their experience and skills with a variety of roofing systems.

Along with energy efficiency, other benefits of TPO roofing include:

  • High durability: They hold up extraordinarily well to sun exposure and are highly tear- and puncture-resistant. They are also resistant to bacterial growth and dirt.
  • Fully recyclable: A much lower environmental impact than other roofing systems.
  • Cost-effective: Flat roof membranes like PVC, TPO and EPDM are some of the most affordable available on the market today. Our fair pricing will make them even more affordable.

Moreover, though damage-resistant, when TPO does get damaged, with our skilled team TPO repair is no problem. Whether the roof is being repaired or replaced, you can always count on our team to use first-rate materials from leading manufacturers. 

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